X-rays are taken for a variety of reasons they allow us to see bones, joints and the spaces in between them. By using x-rays, we will look at the bone and joint structures themselves for problems such as arthritis and fractures, evaluate how alignment affects various joints, and measure important angles.


Will I need x-rays before I can be treated?

Every case is different and x-rays may or may not be necessary. X-rays are only taken if your history and or the evaluation performed in our office shows that they will be beneficial to your treatment and diagnosis.

Will I have to go somewhere else if I need x-rays?

No, for our patient’s convenience and to speed the availability of treatment we offer in house x-rays.

How long does it take to get x-rays?

The process of getting x-rays is very short usually less than 10 minutes and we utilize the latest in digital x-ray technology which allows the image to be seen nearly instantaneously.

Are x-rays safe what about radiation?

X-rays are generally very safe and we utilize the latest x-ray technology ensuring that radiographs can be obtained using the lowest possible dose of radiation, typically less than you would receive by taking a 3 hour plane ride.

What about piercings or other metal?

Metal can obscure structures on x-ray, therefore we ask that any jewelry or clothing with metal such as buttons or zippers be removed and a gown be worn, however we understand that some piercings cannot be easily removed in these cases we will use different techniques as necessary to accommodate x-rays.

If you have any questions Please feel free to reach out to our office.

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